MK Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services for web page design, student financial aid, Artificial Intelligence, Common Lisp, PERL, mathematics, and other technical fields. MK Consulting, Inc. is owned and operated by Mark Kantrowitz.

MK Consulting, Inc. does not provide one-on-one student financial aid counseling for families. Families needing help with student financial aid are encouraged to visit Edvisors, a comprehensive guide to planning and paying for college.

Mark's most recent books are:

MK Consulting, Inc. publishes Unclaimed Property Page, A Pinch of Pittsburgh, Kosher Chocolate, Kosher Cookbooks, The Common Sense Diet, Egg Elimination Diet, Testicular Cancer, Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes (BRCA) and CancerPoints as a public service. Also of possible interest is a page about Australian Aboriginal Art and a list of famous people named Kantrowitz.

MK Consulting Inc. develops and licenses patented and patent-pending technology for optimizing the scheduling of follow-up and diagnostic tests.

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