Blue Belle's Peterbald Kittens
Born January 11 and 12, 2013

1-month-old flock-coated male blue-point and white Peterbald kitten (SOLD)

Four Kittens Born on January 11 and 12, 2013

Four 2-day-old Peterbald kittens sleeping in a pile

Blue Belle had a litter of four kittens born on January 11 and 12, 2013. Three female kittens were born on Friday, January 11, 2013 and one male kitten was born on January 12, 2013.

The kittens include one hairless (naked) female kitten, two female straight-coated kittens and one flock-coated male kitten. The male kitten was born with a bald head and stripe of fur along his back, but subsequently lost the fur. (The Peterbald trait is due to a hair loss gene. Kittens that carry this gene may lose some or all of their coat as they mature. Straight-coated kittens do not carry the Peterbald hair loss gene. Kittens who carry the Peterbald genes are born with a bald spot on the head or short broken/crinkly whiskers.)

The dam was our Champion, Blue Belle, the best blue-point Peterbald in TICA in 2009-10.The sire was Supreme Grand Champion KREMLINCATS Chilly Vasily, the top-ranked Peterbald in TICA in 2008-09. He is a blue-point and white.

The hairless female kitten is blue-point-and-white spotted. She has big gray spots on her sides. The flock-coated male kitten is blue-point-and-white. He has white on his face and legs. One of the straight-coated female kittens is lilac-point and the other is blue-point and white.

All of the kittens have brilliant blue eyes, as would be expected from the offspring of two blue-point cats. The kittens have also inherited Chilly Vasily's better ear placement.

All of the kittens have outgoing personalities and run up to greet you when you enter the room.

Available Kittens

1-month-old flock-coated male Peterbald kitten (SOLD)

The two straight-coated female kittens and the flock-coated male kitten have all been sold. We are keeping the hairless female kitten.

We wait until the kittens are fully weaned (typically 3-4 months old) before placing them. The kittens should be available in mid-April to mid-May.

The purchase price includes shipping within the continental United States. We usually ship by Delta. The purchase price will be reduced by $200 for kittens that are picked up in person.

1-month-old lilac-point straight-coat female kitten (SOLD)

The purchase price also includes:

  • All shots through age 3 months, including FVRCP and Rabies
  • FeLV/FIV testing
  • If sold as a pet, neutering or spaying by our vet
  • Veterinarian health certificate
  • TICA registration
  • Shipping crate
  • Kitten starter kit (litter box, litter scoop, scratching post, food samples, food/water bowls, nail trimmer, and the kitten's favorite toys)
Kittens sold as pets will be spayed/neutered by our vet at least a week before placement.

A signed contract and full payment in advance are required before placement. We accept Paypal. We do not accept checks.

We now have four queens in our cattery and are planning on having 2-4 litters per year starting in 2014. Please email us to be added to our waiting list.

Coat Types and Color/Pattern are Not Guaranteed

1-month-old blue-point & white straight-coat female kitten (SOLD)

Coat types and color/pattern are not guaranteed. Peterbald cats have a hair loss gene, which can cause their coat types to change as they get older. For example, Blue Belle started off with a brush coat, but lost most of it during her pregnancy and is now considered as having a flock coat. One of the flock-coated kittens from her previous litter started off with a brush coat but lost most of the brush coat as he matured.

Blue Belle's point coloration and body shading characteristics are temperature sensitive. The points and body color get darker with colder temperatures. The kittens were born white (warm from the womb) and developed darker points about a week after birth. The brush-coated kitten may turn a darker shade of gray if he loses his coat as he gets older.

Flash photography tends to reflect off of the kittens' skin and coat, making their color appear lighter. Colors are also affected by lighting conditions and white balance. In most cases actual colors are darker than shown in the photographs on this web site.

1-month-old female blue-point-and-white naked Peterbald kitten

1-month-old lilac-point straight-coat female Peterbald kitten (SOLD)

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1-month-old blue-point-and-white straight-coat female Peterbald kitten (SOLD)

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