Available Peterbald Cats and Kittens

Elektra's Kittens at One Month Old

Three Hairless Peterbald Kittens Playing, Age 1 Month

Available Peterbald Kittens

Elektra Azy of Marazy Cristal x Quark BaldEra

CH Elektra Azy of Marazy Cristal (a chocolate tortie-point hairless queen with the shading characteristic) and CH Quark BaldEra (a red spotted tabby velour sire) had a litter with three kittens born on September 10, 2017.

The kittens have the following coats, color, pattern and gender. Please note that coats, color and pattern may change and are not guaranteed. Even gender is uncertain until the kittens are older.

  • Hairless Kitten. This kitten was born hairless but has grown a slight dusting of a very short coat, which will probably disappear. She is a chocolate torbie and white. Her eye color is blueish green. (Chloe is staying at the cattery.)
  • Brush-Coated Kitten. This kitten has a sparse brush coat that is likely to disappear. She is a chocolate spotted tabby. The spots on her belly appear to be on her skin, which is highly unusual. Her eye color is dark blue. (SOLD)
  • Flock-Coated Kitten. This kitten has a uniform flock coat. He has red-point coloration and blue eyes. (SOLD)


Pictures of Hairless Chocolate Torbie and White Kitten

Hairless Kitten's Face

Side View of Hairless Kitten

Hairless Kitten with Toy

Hairless Kitten Playing with Toy

Hairless Kitten Looking At You

Pictures of Brush-Coated Chocolate Spotted Tabby Kitten (SOLD)

Brush-Coated Spotted Kitten's Head

Side/Front View of Brush-Coated Spotted Kitten

Side View of Brush-Coated Spotted Kitten

Pictures of Flock-Coated Kitten (SOLD)

Flock-Coated Kitten with Tilted Head

Flock-Coated Kitten Playing with Toy

Pictures of Kittens with Elektra

Elektra Nursing Her Kittens, Age 1 Month

Picture of Queen

Picture of CH Elektra Azy of Marazy, Mother of the Kittens

Picture of Sire

Picture of CH Quark Baldera, Father of the Kittens

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