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Elektra's Kitten at One Month Old

Hairless Peterbald Kitten Snorting Milk, Age 1.5 Months

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Elektra Azy of Marazy Cristal x Quark BaldEra

Elektra Azy of Marazy Cristal (a chocolate tortie-point hairless queen with the shading characteristic) and Quark BaldEra (a red spotted tabby velour sire) had a litter with just one kitten born on October 7, 2016. He is completely hairless, without any eyebrows. He has two thin, short, broken whiskers.

Although he appears to have no color or pigmentation, genetic testing at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) at the University of California, Davis, found him to be negative for the albino, dominant white, white spotting, agouti, amber and dilute genes. He did, however, test positive for the brown and colorpoint genes, which means that he is a chocolate-point kitten.

However, he is not yet expressing these genes. His body color remains uniformly pinkish, including his nose, ears, paws, pad pads and tail. It is possible that he will express these colors later. It is also possible that he carries these genes without expressing them.

Point coloration is a form of temperature-sensitive partial albinism. We raise our kittens in a warmer environment, which can temporarily suppress point coloration. However, even in a warmer environment, point coloration starts to manifest within two weeks of birth. Even when we reduced the temperature in the kittening room to room temperature for several days, there was no change in pigmentation. His nose leather, paw pads, the tips of his ears and his tail do not demonstrate any pigmentation whatsoever.

His eye color appears to be a reddish blue.

We nicknamed him Mr. Pigglesworth because he developed two nursing calluses on his nose when he was 8 days old, making him look like he had a pig's snout. The nursing calluses disappeared five days later. The name also seemed appropriate because he has no PIGment. The buyer will be able to choose their own name for him.

UPDATE: Mr. Pigglesworth has been sold. He is now known as Vlad and is living with his new owner in London.

Front View of Elektra's Kitten

Side View of Elektra's Kitten

Top View of Elektra's Kitten

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