This web page contains photographs of an origami exhibit, Forms and Patterns (1995), curated by Mark Kantrowitz. The exhibit included more than 120 models in eight display cases in the Hunt Library (1st and 4th floors) and in the Engineering and Science Library at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mark also curated the Wings & Things exhibit of more than 300 origami bird models at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh in 1996.

These models were photographed by Mark Kantrowitz.

Folded by Mark Kantrowitz

Bow Knot Box created by Tomoko Fuse
Traditional Box
Pinwheel Box created by Tomoko Fuse
Double Star Octagon created by Tomoko Fuse
Triangle Box created by Tomoko Fuse

Jack in the Box created by Max Hulme

Penguins created by Peter Engel
Bear and Seal created by John Montroll
Eskimo in Kayak created by Robert Lang

Star of David created by Kunihiko Kasahara

Folded by John Morin

Candy Dishes created by John Morin

Goblet created by John Morin

Folded by Tan Le

Eagle created by Robert Lang

Goldfish created by John Montroll

Folded by Mark Kantrowitz, Tan Le, and Doug Philips

Folded by Doug Philips

(In Japanese) created by Tomoko Fuse

Elektra created by David Brill

Enigma Cube created by David Mitchell and David Brill

Folded by Jeri L. Corbin

Rose created by Toshikazu Kawasaki
Bud (variation) created by Jeri L. Corbin

Folded by Cecilia Sciulli

Hanging Ornament created by Isao Honda

Pinwheel created by Robert Neale

Folded by Others

Monkey Family folded by Mary and Leah DeVaughn

Copyright © 1995 by Mark Kantrowitz. All rights reserved.