Hairless Cats

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There are three main types of hairless cat:

There are also several other types of hairless cat that are much less common.

  • Bambino (Cross of Canadian Sphynx with Munchkin)
  • Cheops (Cross of Canadian Sphynx with American Cornish Rex)
  • Dwelf (Cross of Canadian Sphynx, Americal Curl and Munchkin)
  • Elf (Cross of Canadian Sphynx with Americal Curl)
  • Kohana or Hawaiian Hairless (Cross of Canadian Sphynx with Donskoy)
  • Lykoi (Hairless points)
  • Minskin (Cross of Canadian Sphynx with Munchkin, Devon Rex and Burmese)
  • Skinderlop (Cross of Canadian Sphynx and Scottish Fold)
  • Skinderlow (Cross of Canadian Sphynx, Scottish Fold and Munchkin)
  • Ukrainian Levkoy (Cross of Donskoy with Scottish Fold)

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