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Quick and Speedy Kosher Cookbooks


Quick and Speedy Kosher Cookbooks

  • Jamie Geller, Quick & Kosher: Recipes From The Bride Who Knew Nothing, Feldheim Publishers, November 2007. Hardcover. 365 pages. 160 recipes. See also the author's web site. Focus is on recipes which can be prepared in 15 minutes or less. (Many recipes require significant additional cooking time. Every recipe features a quick reference guide that displays the preparation and cooking times, plus any chilling time.) Many of the recipes involve combining canned or frozen food with food that requires minimal preparation. Nothing particularly innovative, except perhaps for the applesauce cake. (Corn on the cob is hardly a recipe.) Several of the fish recipes are quite tasty. The chocolate chip cookies, however, were a bit dry (too much flour) with too many chocolate chips. Use a little less flour and fewer chocolate chips or more margarine for a moister cookie, or just use the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips. Omit the bananas from the chocolate chip banana cake for a better tasting cake.


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