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Kosher Chocolate and Kosher Candy


Best Kosher Chocolate and Kosher Candy

The following chocolate companies offer some of the best quality chocolate and candy:

  • Illinois Nut & Candy. (Also known as Raising the Candy Bar.) Their Mint Bark is especially good, combining a smooth, creamy and light mint taste with a festive appearance. Illinois Nut & Candy also offers specialty chocolate sculptures for use as wedding cake toppers and custom-imprinted chocolate and gift baskets for use as corporate gifts. CRC-certified dairy, pareve and kosher for passover.

  • Ghirardelli chocolate is sweet and creamy. Their Squares are delicious thin chocolate wafers with a filling of caramel, mint, almond or double chocolate. Also try their giant chocolate chip cookies. Some Ghirardelli stores give away free samples of their chocolate squares to visitors. Assorted boxed chocolates and truffle assortments are not kosher.

Mint Bark from Illinois Nut & Candy

Chocolate Chess Set from Li-Lac Chocolates

To be considered for this "Best Kosher Chocolate and Kosher Candy" designation, the manufacturer must have consistent high quality across all product lines. This rating represents the personal opinion of Mark Kantrowitz, based on taste, texture, smell and appearance.

Kosher Chocolate Cookbooks

While there aren't any specifically kosher chocolate cookbooks, one can easily adapt the recipes in the following cookbooks to kosher ingredients. See also the cookbooks in the desserts section of the kosher cookbooks site for additional kosher chocolate recipes.

To have your chocolate cookbook included in this directory, please send a complimentary review copy to: Mark Kantrowitz, 4951 Brummel Street, Skokie, IL 60077.

National Brands

These brands are available in stores nationwide or have company stores nationwide.

Company Locations Telephone Certification Notes
Dale & Thomas Popcorn Nationwide, with stores located in:
Palm Beach, FL
Wellington, FL
Boston, MA
Royal Oak, MI
Novi, MI
Sterling Heights, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Flint, MI
Bridgewater, NJ
Livingston, NJ
Mays Landing, NJ
New Hyde Park, NY
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Whitehall, PA
King of Prussia, PA
O-U Dairy Specializes in corporate gifts.
Endangered Species Chocolate Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Available nationwide at Fred Meyer, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Walgreens and Whole Foods Market. 1-800-293-0160 or 1-317-387-4372 O-U Chocolates have thematic names like "bug bites" and "chimp mints". The company donates 10% of profits to charitable organizations consistent with the "save the planet" mission.
Ghirardelli Nationwide, with stores located in:
San Francisco, CA
Pasadena, CA
San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
Miami, FL
O-U Dairy. Assorted boxed chocolates and truffle assortments are not kosher.
Godiva Chocolatier Nationwide 1-800-9GODIVA O-U Dairy. Chocolates imported from Belgium, liqueur truffles, Cafe Godiva and Godiva Biscotti are not kosher.
Hershey's Nationwide 1-800-468-1714
O-U, Ko A detailed listing of kosher products are can be found on the Hershey's web site. Bites Mini Rolo and Bites York Peppermint Patties are not kosher, but the full-size ROLO caramels in milk chocolate and York Peppermint Patties are kosher. Cadbury eggs (creme, caramel and chocolate) are not kosher, but Cadbury mini eggs are kosher, as are Caramello and other Cadbury chocolates. Breathsavers mints, ice breakers, jolly rancher, bubble yum bubble gum, Hershey's 'n' More, la dulceria thalia (except for Hershey's Cajeta Elegancita and Kisses Dulce de Leche), hot cocoa with marshmallows, sugar free candy, and some Pot of Gold assortments are not kosher. Generally, look for the presence of a kosher symbol on the packaging.
Jelly Belly

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Nationwide 1-800-JB-BEANS
Ko Jelly beans, JBz chocolate candies, JB Gum, and sugar free candy are kosher.
Lindt Nationwide 1-877-MY-LINDT
Chaf-K Lindor Truffles are kosher.
M&M Mars Candy Company Nationwide 1-800-551-0704 O-U Many M&M Mars products are kosher, including Dove Chocolate, M&Ms, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Snickers and Twix. (Dove Chocolate Promises are not kosher. Skittles and Starburst produced in Canada are not kosher and the O-U on the packaging is not authorized by the Orthodox Union. For other Dove Chocolate, look for a hechsher on the packaging.)
Nestle Nationwide   O-U Many Nestle chocolate products, including Perugina, After Eight, Bit-O-Honey, Chunky, Oh Henry!, Buncha Crunch, Turtles, Nips, Treasures, Goobers, Raisinets, Sno-Caps, 100 Grand Bar, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Laffy Taffy, and Nestle Crunch, have O-U certification. Check the packaging for the O-U symbol. SweeTARTS (including Gummy SweeTARTS) and SPREE are not kosher.
Russell Stover Nationwide 1-800-777-4028 Not Certified Russell Stover Candies are no longer certified Kosher. The 1 and 2 pound assorted chocolate boxes are manufactured with kosher ingredients, but no longer have a hechsher.
Tootsie Roll Nationwide   O-K, Chaf-K, Star-K, KVH Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries (O-K Labs), Charleston Chew (KVH -- Vaad Harabonim of New England), Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy (Star-K), and Andes Creme de Menthe Thins (Chaf-K) are kosher. A December 1, 2009 press release from the O-U indicates that Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Fruit Rolls, Frooties and DOTS are now kosher. (Look for the presence of the O-U symbol on the packaging. Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Fruit Rolls, Frooties and DOTS in packaging without the O-U symbol is not kosher.) Tootsie Pops, Junior Mints, Sugar Babies, and Sugar Daddy are not kosher.

Regional/Local Kosher Chocolate Companies

Many of these companies will ship nationally and internationally. Visit their web sites for details.

Company Locations Telephone Certification Notes
Guittard Chocolate Company Burlingame, CA 1-800-468-2462 O-U Dairy. See also E. Guittard.
Annabelle Candy Company Hayward, CA 1-510-783-2900 KSA Dairy, Pareve. Kosher products include Abba-Zaba, Big Hunk, LOOK, and U-NO.
Smile Chocolatiers (formerly Joanie's Smiles) Malibu, CA 1-310-457-4093 O-U Dairy. Sells nationally and internationally through specialty stores.
See's Candies San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
1-800-347-7337 KSA Lollypops, milk chocolate bars, Krispy, Peanut Brittle, Pecan Royal, Hollow Eggs, and Tofee-ette are kosher.
Chocolove Boulder, CO 1-888-Chocolove
Enstrom Almond Toffee Grand Junction, CO 1-800-ENSTROM
Scroll K / Vaad Hakashrus of Denver Dairy
Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Davie, FL 1-954-472-6155 ORB (Rabbi Pesach Weitz) Only the Davie Florida location is kosher. The chocolate on the web site is not necessarily kosher, but illustrative of the types of chocolate available. To obtain kosher chocolate, place orders only with the Davie Florida store.
Le Chocolatier Miami Beach, FL 1-888-LECHOCCO
NK Dairy, Pareve
The Sweet Tooth North Miami Beach, FL 1-866-86-CANDY
NK Dairy, Pareve.
Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Honolulu, HI     Kosher organic cocoa grower.
Palmer Candy Sioux City, IA 1-712-258-7790 CRC Dairy
Illinois Nut & Candy
(Raising the Candy Bar)
Skokie, IL 1-888-590-NUTS
CRC Dairy, Pareve, Passover. Also offers Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Casein Free, Lactose Free, Food Dye Free, Nut Free, Vegan and Organic candy, all kosher.
American Licorice Company Burr Ridge, IL   Star-K Red Vines, Licorice Ropes, Licorice Bites and other licorice products.
Ferrara Pan Candy Company Forest Park, IL   United Mehadrin Kosher Kosher products include Atomic Fireballs, Boston Baked Beans, Cherry Slices, Cherry Sours, Grapeheads, Jawbreakers, Lemonheads, Red Hots, Sour Jacks and Jelly Beans.
Custom Candy Design Northbrook, IL 1-847-564-1400 CRC Dairy.
Affy Tapple Inc. Niles, IL 1-847-588-2900 CRC  
A Sweet Idea St. Charles, IL 1-630-408-0299   Uses kosher ingredients in the chocolate roses, but is apparently not certified.
Sweethearts Three Sharon, MA 1-866-784-5193 KVH (Vaad Harabonim of Massachusetts) Dairy, Pareve, Passover
Hebert Candies Inc. Shrewsbury, MA 1-888-476-6467
Nirvana Chocolates Wellesley, MA 1-877-INDULGE
  Not currently kosher, but working on becoming kosher certified.
Naron Candy Baltimore, MD 1-800-66-CANDY
Star-D/Star-K Dairy. See also Mary Sue Candies and Glauber's.
Farley's & Sathers Candy Round Lake, MN 1-507-945-8181 O-U Farley's & Sathers Candy Company sells only to distributors and retailers, not directly to the public. Kosher products include their Now & Later brand.
Bissinger's St. Louis, MO 1-800-325-8881 O-U Dairy
Ethel M Chocolates Henderson, NV 1-800-438-4356 O-U Dairy
Oh! Nuts Brooklyn, NY 1-888-6-OH-NUTS O-K, Rabbi Asher Eckstein Parve, Dairy and Kosher for Passover (in season). Enter Coupon Code MKChoc08 at checkout for a 6% discount off your entire order. The Viennese Crunch, Caramel/Pecan Patty and Cocoa Almonds are particularly good.
Le Chocolat of Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY 1-718-437-5734 ? Dairy, Pareve
Paskesz Candy Brooklyn, NY 1-718-832-2400 Various. Available worldwide.
The Chocolate Girl Brooklyn, NY 1-718-788-GIRL Rabbi Avner Katz Dairy, Pareve
Tumbador Chocolate Brooklyn, NY 1-718-788-0200 O-K Specializes in corporate gifts of pareve and dairy chocolates in a variety of flavors. Also designs collections for special events such as bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, brit milahs and holidays.
Le Chocolat Monsey, NY 1-845-352-8301 Rabbi Shlomo Breslauer of Monsey Dairy (Cholov Yisrael), Pareve, Passover.
Li Lac Chocolates Brooklyn, NY 1-212-924-2280 O-U Dairy, Pareve.
Mom 'n Pops New Windsor, NY 1-866-368-6767
O-U Dairy, Pareve.
Jinil Au Chocolat New York, NY
Cedarhurst, NY
Brooklyn, NY
O-K Dairy, Pareve
Koppers Chocolate New York, NY 1-800-325-0026
  Warning: Site resizes web browser.
The Chocolate Tree Queens, NY 1-877-HAV-CHOC
Vaad Harabonim of Queens  
Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc. Rockaway Beach, NY   O-U Dairy. Available through candy retailers nationwide and online.
Spangler Candy Bryan, OH 1-800-653-8638
O-Chaf Rabbi Aryeh Spero Dum Dums (except Gum Pops), Saf-T-Pops, Candy Canes and Cane Classics are kosher. Circus Peanuts and Spangler Chocolates are not kosher.
Chocolate Emporium Cleveland, OH 1-888-CHOCLAT
Star-K Pareve
Gorant Candies Youngstown, OH 1-800-572-4139 O-U Dairy, Pareve.
Gayle's Miracles Youngstown, OH 1-800-572-4139   Gayle's Miracles Perfect Chocolate Truffles kosher chocolate truffles for dieters.
Dagoba Chocolate Ashland, OR 1-800-393-6075
KSA Kosher organic chocolate.
Bartons Chocolate and Candy Allentown, PA 1-800-289-4525
O-U Dairy, Pareve, Passover
Barricini Avoca, PA 1-570-457-6756 Chaf-K  
Goldenberg Candy Company Bethlehem, PA 1-888-645-3453 O-U Goldenberg Candy Company was acquired by Just Born Candy Company in 2003. Kosher products include Goldenberg "Chewetts", Peanut Chews, Just Born Jelly Beans, and Mike & Ikes Jellies.
Sensational Sweets Lewisburg, PA 1-570-524-4361 Star-D/Star-K  
Wilbur Chocolate Lititz, PA 1-888-2WILBUR
COR The Canadian plant in Burlington, Ontario is COR-certified. See also www.wilburbuds.com.
Lang's Chocolates

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Williamsport, PA 1-570-323-6320 Kof-K Dairy.
Broderics Chocolates and Gifts Dallas, TX 1-214-542-8011 DK (Dallas Kosher)  
Sweet Shop Candies and
Fort Worth, TX 1-800-222-2269
O-U Dairy.
Sweet Candy Company Salt Lake City, UT 1-800-669-8669
Scroll K / Vaad Hakashrus of Denver  
Lake Champlain Chocolates Burlington, VT 1-800-465-5909 Star-D Available at 1,200 retailers nationwide. Hot chocolate is not kosher.
Totally Chocolate Blaine, WA 1-800-255-5506
O-U Dairy. Specializes in corporate and logo chocolate.
Liberty Orchards Confections Cashmere, WA 1-800-888-5696
Chaf-K Dairy. Known for their Aplets & Cotlets brand.
Dilettante Chocolates Seattle, WA 1-800-482-0281 Rabbi Moses Londinski  
Chukar Seattle, WA 1-800-624-9544 Chaf-K Specializes in cherries and dried fruit.
Seattle Chocolate Company Seattle, WA 1-800-334-3600
Rabbi Benjamin Kaplinsky Brands include Seattle Chocolates, Skinny Truffles, and Chick Chocolates. They also produce private-label chocolates.
Burke Candy Milwaukee, WI 1-888-287-5350
Amy's Gourmet Apples Cedarburg, WI 1-800-513-8889 O-U Dairy.


Company Locations Telephone Certification Notes
Kosher Konfection Denver, CO 1-720-748-4059 Various.  
Blue Frog Chocolates New Orleans, LA 1-504-269-5707   Selected products are kosher, including Caffe D'Amore and Schokinag chocolate bars.
Simcha Sweets Baltimore, MD 1-866-358-5450
Rabbi Sholom Salfer Retailer.
Broadway Basketeers Lakewood, NJ 1-888-599-GIFT
? Specializes in gift baskets. Online only.
Israel Candy Company Online 1-800-449-5918 x51
Various Importer of Israeli kosher candy to North America.
Chocolate Gelt Brooklyn, NY 1-718-975-0612 Various. Specializes in holiday candy.
Kosher Candy Man Brooklyn, NY 1-718-438-5419 Various  
Yossi's Sweet House

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Brooklyn, NY 1-877-4-YOSSI Star-K Gift baskets.
The Chocolate Mouse Pittsburgh, PA 1-800-349-9181
Various Not all products are kosher.
Trader Joe's Nationwide   Various. Kosher Products: East Coast/Midwest, West Coast
Kosher.com Online 1-866-KOSHER-X


Company Locations Telephone Certification Notes
CandyFavorites.com McKeesport, PA 1-888-525-7577 Various. Wholesaler.

One-Stop Shops

Chocolate.com operates a one-stop shop for buying kosher chocolate from many of the chocolate companies listed on the Kosher Chocolate and Kosher Candy site. They sell more than 300 products from three dozen vendors of kosher chocolate through a single convenient interface.

Israeli Chocolate Companies

Company Locations Telephone Certification Notes
Gift-Israel Israel 972-9-951-4691 Various. Specializes in kosher candy gift baskets.
Chocolate Dreams Company Israel 972-8-970-9821 Rav David Lau of Modin Pareve only.
Max Brenner Israel 972-9-7673330    
LogoChoco Israel 972-4-6365972   Custom logo chocolate molds.
Momentum Israel 972-02-5385515 Mehadrin hechsherim Gourmet Belgian chocolate, pralines, miniature fruits, and nougats. See Hauser of Belgium.

Specialty Chocolate Companies

Chocoley sells kosher gourmet chocolate ingredients, tools, equipment and supplies. All of their chocolate products are certified AKC Kosher Dairy. The chocolate products are also peanut free, tree nut free, egg free and gluten free. Since the products are gluten free, they are celiac safe and also kosher for passover. They also cell cream centers and caramel centers, which are certified AKC Kosher Dairy, except for the coconut dough which is AKC Kosher Pareve. For more information call 1-866-528-5252 or 1-404-418-8910 or send email to chocoley@aol.com.

Edible Imprints prints full-color logos, photos, images and special messages on Star-K certified kosher chocolate at 300 dpi resolution using edible food coloring. They also run live "Chocolography" parties. For more information, call 1-845-290-9865 or 1-877-410-2691 or send email to info@edibleimprints.com.

Other International Chocolate Companies

Other Guides to Kosher Chocolate and Kosher Candy

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