Take Your Anti-nausea Medication
Even If You Don't Feel Nauseous


Modern antiemetics -- anti-nausea medication like Zofran, Kytril and Emend -- work by preventing the centers in the brain that feel nausea from signaling that they are nauseous. These medicines are highly effective, but only if they are present before you become nauseous. Once you are already nauseous, it is too late.

Thus it is important for you to take the anti-nausea medication according to schedule like clockwork, even if you don't feel nauseous. If you don't feel nauseous, it's probably because the medicine is working.

Some patients believe that they can tough out the nausea. They are wrong. Vomiting doesn't make you feel better. You still feel like you need to vomit even after you've vomited for the third time in a row and there's nothing left in your stomach.

Take your antinausea medication as directed. You may want to have a family member wake you to take the medication if necessary. It is important to maintain a constant level of the medication in your system.

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